Melvin (Mel) J. Christopher

Melvin (Mel) J. Christopher

Vice President, Gas Transmission and Distribution Operations | Pacific Gas and Electric Company

As Vice President, Gas Transmission and Distribution Operations, Mel Christopher oversees the daily operations of the gas transmission and distribution systems including all maintenance, leak management, field services, storage operations, compression, emergency dispatch and response, damage prevention, and corrosion operations.

Christopher joined PG&E in 2011. Serving as Senior Director, Gas System Operations he was responsible for building the company’s state of the art gas control center and putting safety and emergency preparedness and response at the forefront of control center operations.

Christopher has 35 years of gas and electric utility experience. Prior to joining PG&E, Christopher was president of Vista Energy Solutions, an energy consulting firm that specialized in helping solve complex problems in the gas and electric utility industry by providing expertise in regulatory and business strategy and analysis, commercial transaction support, and litigation support.

Prior to 2009, Christopher worked for PNM Resources and its affiliates, including Public Service Company of New Mexico. Serving as Vice President for 13 years, he held various officer roles, including: overseeing the sale of the company’s gas business and the acquisition of electric utility and generation assets in Texas; regulatory affairs in New Mexico, Texas, and at the FERC; energy procurement; gas and electric transmission and distribution operations; and technical services including engineering and design and environmental services. Prior to becoming an officer, Christopher served in various management and technical roles with increasing responsibilities in gas supply acquisition, gas control, and various engineering roles.

Christopher graduated from New Mexico State University in 1982 with a degree in Chemical Engineering.